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➜ Guide

Looking for game info? Boggled by one of our features? Then you've come to the right place! Below is our official guide, a (hopefully) comprehensive how-to on playing FROOTS! The game itself is pretty simple, but please do skim each page before joining to avoid any confusion! If you still have questions after reading, feel free to contact us via form or e-mail us at froots.tcg[at]

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✌ Card Types

There are three types of cards at FROOTS: music videos (worth 1), photoshoots (worth 1), and member cards (worth 2). Music videos and photoshoots are the most common cards, as they're the ones you earn from all games and activities here. They feature images from music videos, as well as from magazines, album booklets, photobooks, etc. There's no way to tell these cards apart aside from looking at the deck list, but you can visually separate them from member cards by heart color! Each music video and photoshoot card has a pink heart on its template, just left of the text. Member cards on the other hand feature a purple heart.

Music Video CardPhotoshoot CardMember Card

As for member cards, they function a bit differently at FROOTS! Traditionally, trading card games offer each member one card featuring an image of his/her choice that can be traded infinitely for other member cards. At FROOTS, each member instead has the opportunity to earn a complete member deck, which functions almost, but not quite, like a regular card deck. That is to say these cards are not freebies; they must be earned, traded, and collected like any other deck in order to be mastered.

Member cards are worth 2 cards each and can only be earned from special games and activities. It's up to the member to decide which pictures are featured in his/her deck. Feel free to check out my member deck for an example! It costs $150 to purchase a member deck.

Please note that two or more decks may have the same deck name, so you'll have to be specific when logging and trading cards! For example, while both this and this deck are named "Heaven", one's filename is "heaven-leahdizon" while the other's is "heaven-amuronamie." Avoid calling cards by their deck names alone and use filenames instead.



REOPENED: July 1, 2015


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