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➜ Guide

Looking for game info? Boggled by one of our features? Then you've come to the right place! Below is our official guide, a (hopefully) comprehensive how-to on playing FROOTS! The game itself is pretty simple, but please do skim each page before joining to avoid any confusion! If you still have questions after reading, feel free to contact us via form or e-mail us at froots.tcg[at]

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✌ What's a "FROOTS"?

FROOTS is an online trading card game or OTCG dedicated to Asian entertainment. OTCGs are similar to their real-life counterparts like Pokémon and Magic. Players earn cards through games and activities and can also trade cards with other members. To progress in the game, your goal is to collect all of the cards in a certain themed set (called a deck) in order to master it. At FROOTS, you can also participate in events and contests, make friends on the forums, and level up to become the very best!

✌ FROOTS: A History

The title has no meaning really. In fact, we named the game FROOTS simply for lack of anything better to call it! As for the history behind the TCG — well, the TCG Wiki tells it pretty well, but here's my spin!

FROOTS was founded in 2007 by best friends Kou (me!) and Satsuki. Long story short, Satsuki introduced me to online trading card games one day, and we decided we wanted to give running our own a shot. Simply because I had never played a TCG before and didn't really know how it all worked, I had some out-of-the-box ideas as to how things should be run. For one, we decided on an "Asian entertainment" themed TCG mostly because I wanted a Japanese pop TCG where I could make Jolin Tsai (and maybe some occasional movie) decks. I also thought it'd be cool if each member could choose images for his or her own namesake deck, and thus the concept of a member deck was born. (^▽^)

In short, the TCG was a hot, disorganized mess in large part because I had no idea what I was doing. It went through several revamps and untimely demises before falling into a three-year obscurity. And while I've wanted to bring it back several times over the years, and kept poking at it and even dreaming about it every now and then, I never had the guts to try and rebuild it... until now.

✌ Asian Entertainment?

Here at FROOTS, our cards comprise photoshoots and music videos featuring Asian entertainers. These include idols, musicians, actors, and models from Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.



REOPENED: July 1, 2015


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